My Top Ten Books

by | Sep 3, 2020 | Top Ten

Here are some top ten books that deserve attention and are written by other amazing authors.

1) Angela Adisa Origin: Undefined by Age,  Colour or Gender.

by Chris Lewis (Author),

A short fun action thriller with a twist. It’s the first in a fun series.

Angela is a grandmother, in her eighties, who is a master baker and hugger. She doesn’t like her protective family to worry, so her gun and secret missions are hidden. This is the first book in the Angela Adisa series. Find out how this ex-scientist and woman of colour, came out of retirement to become a secret agent.

Life took an unexpected turn, for Angela, after an accident and a fire. She was recruited by ‘The Bridge Club’ – the secret defender of world peace. She decided to train as a field agent and be in the thick of the action. Angela’s first mission is considered low risk until it clashed with a ‘Rise Above All Weakness’ (RAAW) horrific sabotage plot. Now it’s time to use her wits, misconceptions to her advantage and fight if she has to.

2)Words Can’t Hurt Me! 

by Jarrod Welsh  (Author), Melissa Welsh (Illustrator)

Children’s book teaching kids how to stand up to bullies through inner strength, confidence, high self-esteem, morality, and making good decisions. Written for 0-6 year olds with fun animal illustrations. Bullying is common among young children, this book will give them some tools to calmly and civilly deal with these situations. Print version has colouring and activity pages.

3)Harrison’s Hairy Problem 

by Alexandrea Fokken  (Author)

Harrison the Elephant is a hairy elephant. From his head to his tail, poor Harrison is covered in hair. His only wish is to be hairless like all the other elephants he knows. Join Harrison and learn the importance of being different and how everyone is unique in their own way.


4)Cut The Whole Book and Play!

by Tugba Kaplan Kaya  (Author)


30 paper activities that we enjoy doing as a family, that surprise and entertain us the most!

“Cut The Whole Book” includes not only the instructions but the activities themselves.

Cut, fold, glue, and play! When you cut and finish the whole book (even the front and back cover), you will have contributed to your child’s manual skills, mental development and imagination, and you will spend quality time together.

5)A Child’s Journey Through Poetry – Volume 2: Hobbies Skills and Talents

by Sabinah Adewole(Author)

A Child’s Journey Through Poetry Volume 2 Sabinah Adewole is a best seller and has enjoyed reading from a young child . She studied English and her poetry has been informed from her experiences on her journeys of Life which has inspired a lot of readers across the globe. A Child’s Journey through Poetry Volume 2 is her second volume in this series, and covers themes of employment,Skills,Talents and hobbies for any young person looking to in to the world of work, career development or business opportunities to focus on the present moment and their future prospects.

6)Who Are Our Heroes?: A reminder to say “thank you!” in the time of coronavirus and beyond

by Eliana Melmed  (Author), Amy Tian (Illustrator)

This timely, rhyming picture book highlights the everyday heroes who make it possible for society to continue to function during this time of crisis – including diverse representations of mail carriers, teachers, grocery store workers, doctors, truck drivers, maintenance staff, and caretakers. The story ends with a reminder that when children wash their hands and follow pandemic guidelines, they themselves are heroes, too. Written from the perspective of a young child spending time indoors, the story focuses on the incredible individuals who continue to contribute their time, effort, and resources to ensure that life can continue to go on. With beautiful, hand-drawn illustrations offset with large-print text, this story is a must-read for all ages.


7)Be Who You Were Meant To Be 

by Mrs. Lauren Grabois Fischer  (Author), Mrs Lauren Grabois Fischer  (Author), Mr. Devin Hunt (Illustrator)

This book is a reminder that our differences make us stand out in a crowd and give us purpose in our lives. With confidence, positivity, and acceptance, we can create a world full of happy and kind people. You are one of a kind. Be proud of who you are and let the world see the real you. Set goals for yourself, be confident in your interests, be proud of others successes, reach for the stars, and see the good in the world around you.

8)Different Like Me

by Joy Harris-Bird  (Author)


Legend says there is a magical mirror that tells you what you are supposed to be. Three children with different disabilities head out on a quest to find this mirror. Once they arrive they realize the mirror only shows a reflection of who they already are. Their disabilities are what they have but it does not limit who they can be!


by Muhammad Muaaz Hassan (Author)

Tommy Sanders is a 14 year old kid who, along with his family and many others, is captured by an organization called Starlight Industries. After the death of his brother, Tommy knew that he had to do something to stop Starlight Industries. Join Tommy on his journey on which he strives to stop Starlight Industries, and try to get back home.

10)The Bubble Book

by Elizabeth Ember  (Author)

Use Belly Breathing to blow the bubbles bigger and bigger! Of course you must pop them as well! The Bubble Book was written to introduce and excite my preschool classroom about Belly Breaths through a fun, interactive experience. We use these Belly Breaths as a tool to get our bodies calm and settled after a rough moment on the playground, before nap time, or just to get feeling good again. Belly Breaths are an important first step towards emotion regulation and mindfulness. They bring more oxygen to the brain so we can process what is happening and think more clearly. I use this book to simply introduce the term “Belly Breaths” to my kiddos in a fun and engaging activity. Then, when the time comes, I can say, “Remember the Belly Breaths? Let’s give them a try!”




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