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Latest Books

The Greedy Queen

Queen Athena the queen of a Faraway Country and she is the most greedy Queen ever and she meets a Wizard who makes her Dreams come true…..

Can you guess what she wishes for? and What does she learn from all her greed?

Ages 0-8

Amazing Shadows

“Amazing Shadows” A lovely story about a young girl named Lia who discovers Shadows for the first time. She amuses her grand-mother by making different shadows. Can you guess what they are?

Bring out the child in you with this amazing book on shadows.

Ages 0-8

The Tale Of The Mischievous Butterfly & Humble Spider (Kindle Edition)

“You are so plain with no colours.” Said the butterfly to the spider, “ and you look way too dull. That sparkly crown would look awful on you.” Everyone looked at Spider

The Spider was plain but she started to speak ” I wish I did have colours like all of you.” She walked away while the rest of the animals sat there boasting about how amazing they are, and how this crown would define them.

What will the butterfly do in order to win the race?

What will the Spider Learn?

Ages 0-8

Latest Reviews

“Engaging story with beautiful illustrations. I’d recommend this to other parents and am keen to see other stories from the author”

– Johnny Oddsocks, Amazon review of The Greedy Queen

“Unlike many other books, Amazing Shadows features a one-of-a-kind story that your kids would definitely love.”

– My Books Mag review of Amazing Shadows

“A very mischievous butterfly indeed. My children loved the story and the fun and brightly coloured illustrations. A lovely read.”

– A. Daly, Amazon review of The Tale of the Mischievous Butterfly & Humble Spider 

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Author Bio: Wassila Sayid

Wassila has been an English Teacher for the last four years, teaching children and young Adults English.

Being introduced to this field has inspired her to write mainly in children’s picture books and will soon start Adult Fiction Novels as she turns writing into a passion.

She has Introduced the Wakiko series “What Can You See.”

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