Make self-isolation fun and productive!

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The covid19 pandemic has suddenly changed everyone’s lives around the world. People are being advised to stay indoors and so everyone is spending time even more time on their gadgets and nonproductive things these days. Not going outside must mean that we can’t be productive anymore, right? Wrong!

Some might think that social distancing and quarantining means not being creative at all, but that’s not the case at all. There are countless amusing and productive things we can do even while being locked down during a pandemic.

We should learn new things that we did not while we used to be busy with work, college or chores. Rather than sitting around and scrolling through the same apps, we can find countless new ways that will make these times fun. We can’t list a million things here for obvious reasons, but can give you a few tips on how to make the most of these times by being creative.

 Pick up your favourite musical instrument

You might have an instrument you have been itching to learn for quite a while, but just haven’t had the time or place to do so. Well, now would be the absolutely perfect time to do that. You might have a quarantine partner who knows how to play and could teach you. If not, you could learn it online.

If you don’t have a real instrument though (most people don’t have an actual instrument at the time), you could always just start learning an instrument digitally on mobile applications. It is fun, and it might also help you learn a lot about the real instrument.

Craft, cook or dance.

Learning to craft or draw is something that can keep you busy and is very relaxing, too. Exactly why this is the ideal time to try it.

Have you ever watched those cool crafting and painting videos and thought; I wish I had the time to teach myself these, it seems fun to do. Well, what are you waiting for?  It’s always great to try out something new. You might be good at it, and it might be a hobby!

Speaking of hobbies, you should have a shot at your favourite things to do. This would be a great time to just learn something new or improve at something you’re already good at.

You could try gardening, dancing, meditation, or scrapbooking! There is so much to do! You just have to put your mind to what you enjoy.

Cooking has been known to be one of the most self-satisfying and productive hobbies that you can take up. Don’t just scroll over those delicious pinterest recipes. Make them for yourself!

Reading and/or writing

Books are a great way to spend free time. Most busy people don’t read because of their schedule, but now they definitely can! Books can enrich your imagination and improve your vocabulary and reading skills, so they’re definitely worth your time!

Everyone has their own thoughts and opinions, but books are believed to be better than movies as they let you imagine the events, settings, and characters all by yourself, the way you like them. There is absolutely nothing more calming than that feeling of reading a book.

If you feel inspired by the writing style of your books, you could always take on writing yourself!

Writing is always an enjoyable way to express your feelings!

Maybe you could take on a journal and write about how you feel during these times! Or maybe you could write a letter to distant friends or family members. It might become a fun activity for you!

Yes Gaming

I know I said we spend too much time on our devices, but this one is too good to pass.

You could also spend some of your extra time getting better at video games. It’s a great way to kill time and there are a lot of great times. This might be another activity you could try with long distance friends or family. Most games have an online multiplayer option that can let you play with your friends, regardless of your distance.

You can pick any of the given things, or perhaps find something else that you always wanted to do. Life is short, busy and competitive. We might not find a more suitable time to groom our skillset and being a better, more productive person

If you have any great ideas or suggestions why not share it with us 

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